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If the worldview is a puzzle, every journey is a small piece of knowledge

"Travel ennobles the mind and clears up all ourprejudices." Even the Irish writer Oscar Wilde recognized that traveling is educative. Greece has to be seen. It is precisely the diversity that makes this country so beautiful and unique. Greece impresses with its open manner, his multicultural society, open-hearted people and his deeply rooted beliefs

But Greece also offers everything we are looking for to relax, to flee from everyday life and simply to enjoy life with the Mediterranean serenity; Long sandy beaches, secluded bathing bays, pristine landscapes, countless natural wonders, wonderful cuisine, myths and lost cultures at every turn, regardless of whether you book an apartment, a holiday apartment or a hotel for your vacation.

Greece, that is the Ionian Islands with their mild climate, and their gentle, Venetian architecture, but also the Halkidiki, with their fine sandy beaches and the lush fauna. Visit Athens, home of the Acropolis and the country's economic hub, and stroll the vibrant streets all the way to Plaka. Discover the Peloponnese with its numerous testimonies of lost cultures, but also its charming landscape, its originality and its numerous beaches

Simply combine the islands of the Cyclades and let yourself be fascinated by the contrasts. The magnificent play of colors of the rugged, hostile volcanic landscape of Santorini, with the bright blue of the Aegean Sea and the houses that look like splotches of color on the volcanic slopes, to Naxos with its dune landscape and fine sandy beaches. You can also discover the small island of Paros and the island of windmills Mykonos, with their fascinating nightlife. Not to forget the original islands of Ios, Amorgo and Konfounissi. Experience the diversity of the East Aegean islands such as Lesbos, Chios and Samos with their green stretches of land, the delicious wine from Samos or the picturesque architecture of the houses on Chios. Enjoy the Dodecanese, home of the holiday islands of Rhodes, Kos and Karpathos. Whether bathing fun, cultural experiences or just unwinding - all wishes are fulfilled here. What would Greece be without Crete. Here you will find beautiful bathing bays, fine sandy beaches, untouched nature in contrast with barren stretches of land, high mountains, breathtaking gorges and small, hidden mountain villages.